Research Fellowships

Every year the Section of Colon & Rectal Surgery selects two gifted research fellows who share our commitment to transforming patients' lives through genetics research. Fellows are challenged to think about inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer in innovative ways. Their efforts may help forge new pathways of discovery about the cause of these baffling disorders. This may lead to better treatments, prevention, and cures for Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and colorectal cancer.

Fellowships are open to surgical residents who have completed their internship (first) year. They may apply for research fellowships of one to three year's duration. Priority will be given to residents applying for two-year fellowships. Additionally, fellows may take advantage of advanced degree programs offered by the University of Louisville.

We invite you to apply for a research fellowship to gain invaluable laboratory experience that will further your surgical career. We provide excellent stipends and fringe benefits. Please click here to explore the opportunities available in this groundbreaking field of medicine.

To apply for a research fellowship, please fill out and mail in our Research Fellowship Application.


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