Our Clinical Fellows

We are delighted to introduce our clinical fellows who are participating in the Section's Colorectal Surgery Residency Training Program.

Photo of Russell W. Farmer, MDRussell W. Farmer, MD
Russell W. Farmer, MD, joined the Section of Colon & Rectal Surgery as a colorectal surgery fellow in July 2013.

When asked why he chose to pursue a career as a colorectal surgeon, he said, “During my residency at U of L, I spent time with Drs. Galandiuk, McCafferty, and Jorden. The experience changed my life. I was attracted to the unique confluence of abilities that are required of a colorectal surgeon: the combination of thoughtful decision making, technical expertise, the need for empathy, and lifelong patient care.

“I am grateful for my training every day that I am confronted by increasingly more difficult problems. I know when I graduate I will be ready to take on the breadth of colorectal disease thanks to my outstanding training.”

A graduate of the University of Texas Medical School at Houston, Farmer explained that his grandfather inspired him to become a physician. “He was a family practitioner and made a huge difference in people's lives. I have hoped to be like him since I was very young.”

Farmer looks forward to an academic career as a colorectal surgeon and to restoring people to a normal life—free of cancer or free to leave their homes without pain or fear of incontinence.

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