Faculty & Staff

The faculty and staff of the Section of Colon & Rectal Surgery at the University of Louisville are committed to providing

  • Compassion and expertise for optimal patient care;
  • Dedication to research into the latest surgical and medical treatments for digestive diseases, and
  • Education and training of present and future physicians and surgeons through innovative fellowship programs.

"Part of my job as a physician is teaching our future generation of doctors the art of medicine," says Susan Galandiuk, MD, program director, Section of Colon & Rectal Surgery. "It is especially gratifying to see the students and residents you have instructed develop into fine, highly skilled surgeons."

In 2010, our surgeons performed 1,629 procedures. Our researchers in the Digestive Surgery Research Laboratory continued their pioneering genetic research into the cause of inflammatory bowel disease. Both our surgeons and fellows maintained their clinical research efforts to improve the care and treatment of individuals with digestive diseases.

We believe the art of medicine is truly achieved when superior knowledge, experience and science are combined with compassion and dedication to those whom we serve: our patients.

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