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To know the indications and contraindications for the performance of endoscopy of the colon, rectum and anus, as well as the preparation for and risks of the procedures. Competency to perform these procedures and to manage complications related to the procedures will be demonstrated.

Structure of Activities
The resident will be involved in all aspects related to endoscopy of the colon, rectum and anus under the direct supervision of one of he full time faculty. This resident involvement will include procedure performance and patient followup postprocedure. These procedures are done in the endoscopy suites of all of the teaching hospitals, which are affiliated with the University of Louisville, along with clinics at the VA Hospital and the University of Louisville Hospital and the private office.


  1. Patient Care
    • Appropriate manual dexterity in the performance of anoscopy, rigid proctosigmoidoscopy, and colonoscopy, along with colonoscopy-related advanced procedures
    • Clinical judgment

  2. Develop and execute patient care plan

  3. Medical Knowledge
    • Fund of knowledge/literature
    • Collateral reading

  4. Practice-based learning and improvement
    • Knowledge of evidence-based medicine
    • Critique of personal practice outcomes (M&M Conference)
    • Commitment to life-long learning/self-improvement

  5. Interpersonal and communication skills
    • Communication with healthcare professionals
    • Counsel/educate patient/families
    • Document practice activities
    • Ability to teach students

  6. Professionalism
    • Ethical behavior
    • Continuity of care
    • Sensitivity to others
    • Leadership

  7. System-based practice
    • Cost effective/quality patient care
    • Knowledge of risk/benefit analysis
    • Role of health care providers in management

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