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Anorectal physiology and ultrasound

To be competent and knowledgeable in anorectal physiology testing and endoanal/endorectal ultrasound testing.

Structure of Activities
Anorectal physiology testing (other than the radiographic tests) and endoanal/endorectal ultrasound testing is performed in the Digestive Health Center at the University of Louisville Hospital. The resident will work directly with faculty and trained technicians to learn to do these procedures. Interaction with our Department of Radiology faculty will provide the resident experience in interpreting proctography and MRI studies.


  1. Patient Care
    • Ability to do the tests as outlined in "The Core Curriculum for Colon and Rectal Surgery: Knowledge Essentials for Residency Training"
    • Develop and execute patient care plans
    • Clinical judgment

  2. Medical Knowledge
    • Fund of knowledge/literature
    • Collateral reading

  3. Practice-based learning and improvement
    • Knowledge of evidence-based medicine
    • Commitment to life-long learning/self-improvement

  4. Professionalism
    • Ethical behavior
    • Continuity of care
    • Sensitivity to others
    • Leadership

  5. System-based practice
    • Cost effective/quality patient care
    • Knowledge of risk/benefit analysis
    • Role of health care providers in management

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