Current Clinical Trials

At the University of Louisville's Section of Colon & Rectal Surgery, our patients are invited to work with us so that together we may refine and improve medical and surgicial treatments for inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer.

To learn more about our ongoing studies, please contact our research coordinator Anna Williford, RN, at (502) 583-0880 or email her.

Our patients may have the opportunity to participate in research by enrolling in the following clinical trial:

1.    Phase 3 study of efficacy and safety of topical E-101 solution to prevent incisional infections among colorectal surgery patients (Triple IN Study-Inhibition of Incisional Infections).
(Sponsor: Excited States, LLC)

2.    Qualitative and quantitative assessment of infectious agents in inflammatory bowel disease: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.
(Sponsor: Texas Tech University)

3.    Phase I clinical trial investigating the ability of plant exosomes to deliver curcumin to normal and malignant colon tissue.

4.    A randomized controlled trial to compare the functional outcome and quality of life of patients with low rectal cancer who undergo a J-Pouch or a side to end coloanal anastomosis.
(Sponsor: The Cleveland Clinic)

5.    The Association of Gastrointestinal Disease, DNA repair and host defense genes.
(Sponsor: Galandiuk S.)

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